British Columbia

Occupy Vancouver dominates CBC mayor's debate

It was all about Occupy Vancouver and the issue of affordable housing at a Vancouver mayoral debate Wednesday.
Vancouver mayoral debate between Gregor Robertson with Vision Vancouver and Suzanne Anton with the Non-Partisan Association, hosted by CBC 1:31:02

The subject Occupy Vancouver dominated a city mayoral debate sponsored by the CBC Wednesday night.

NPA candidate Suzanne Anton said the Occupy Vancouver encampment and the NHL riot in June have reflected poorly on Vision Vancouver candidate and current mayor Gregor Robertson.

"There has been such a failure of leadership in both, in both the riot and now in the tent city. This complete failure to give staff the support that they needed to go in and do their job," Anton said. "We should have stopped this a long time ago."

Robertson replied that  the encampment is not tolerable, but that authorities have to proceed cautiously.

"We have a very dire situation at the Occupy site. Life safety remains paramount here. The city has to stay calm and steady and focused on an outcome that is peaceful," said Robertson. "We’ve seen it go off the rails in other  cities."

Anton said Robertson was dithering and the city needed someone who would give clear direction the city bylaws be enforced.

There were also several questions about affordable housing from an audience of about 100 people  in a studio at the CBC building in downtown Vancouver.

Elections in all B.C. municipalities are being held Nov. 19.