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Safe! North Shore Rescue find Mount Strachan hiker, dog in 'good health'

Solo Mount Strachan hiker found early Sunday after his dog ran off and led him down a more technical trail than he'd planned.

Man and dog walk out as NSR team members prepare to start search again Sunday

NSR team members return to base after suspending a search for a missing hiker and his dog until Sunday morning. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

A missing Mt. Strachan hiker has been found before a Sunday morning search could resume for the man and his dog.

Rescuers say the man was well-equipped, fit and simply got lost after he chased after his dog through some "tough terrain" on Cypress.

North Shore Rescue  suspended efforts early Sunday morning just after 2:30 a.m PT, and resumed the search at 7 a.m. P.T.

"As our groups were arriving the subject walked out. He'd been basically walking all night," said search manager Greg Miller of NSR. 

"He's in good health and the dog is also with him and in good health."

The man's tracks were initially located at the Mt. Strachan summit just before midnight on Saturday, but fresh snowfall obscured the search.

"We would caution against doing this type of trip solo this time of year," added Miller.

At the time there were fears of avalanche danger.

"The avalanche danger is increasing ... we've had 30 centimetres of new snow up there," said NSR Team Leader Mike Danks.

North Shore Rescue asked anyone who saw the man's dog on Saturday to call West Vancouver Police, but he has turned up now. (North Shore Rescue / Twitter)

The man, in his early 40s, was hiking with his dog and had reached the summit of Mt. Strachan on Saturday. 

He contacted his wife around 5 p.m., saying his plan was to be back at his car within an hour, but did not contact her again after that.

Danks said the man was prepared and was carrying extra equipment with him but attempts to get his cell phone location and use Instagram contacts to find him did not help.

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