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North Shore Rescue finds lost hiker on Mount Seymour

William Gies, an experienced hiker, spent a rainy night on Mount Seymour after he had set out alone on Friday afternoon to follow some mountain bike trails and head back down to his vehicle.

A dozen volunteers from three rescue teams searched through overnight rain and fog

The van believed to belong to an overdue hiker on Mount Seymour is parked on Indian River Drive. North Vancouver RCMP left a note on the windshield, in case the 73-year-old hiker finds his own way out of the woods. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

A 73-year-old man who spent the night on the North Shore has been found. 

William Gies, an experienced hiker, spent a rainy night on Mount Seymour after he had set out alone on Friday afternoon to follow some mountain bike trails and head back down to his vehicle.

"It would have been nice if it wasn't raining, but I was reasonably well sheltered, I was fully equipped," said Gies. "Not as comfortable as my bed, but it was passable." 

North Shore Rescue search manager Don Jardine marks areas on a map where his teams of volunteers have already searched. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Gies had been able to send some text messages to his son when he got lost on Friday night. 

About a dozen people from the North Shore, Lions Bay and Coquitlam rescue teams were out searching for Gies throughout the night and earlier today. 

"One of our teams came across him this morning," said Greg Miller with North Shore Rescue. "He was trying to hike his own way out."

Miller said it's important for hikers to remember that visibility can be limited on local mountains when there are clouds in the area.

"Stay on trails that you know, because once you step off the trail they're hard to find again."​


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