British Columbia

4 hikers found safe after chilly night spent in North Shore mountains

No one was injured, but a group of three was unprepared for an overnight stay and had no extra clothing, North Shore Rescue says.

North Shore Rescue kept busy responding to four calls in two days

A helicopter, similar to the one in this file photo, was sent out at dawn Friday and the group was found safe but cold, air operations coordinator John Blown said. (North Shore Rescue)

Four hikers were found safe Friday morning after going missing overnight in the North Shore mountains.

Three of them, a group in their 30s, called North Shore Rescue (NSR) for help late Thursday night after getting lost near Coliseum Mountain.

A helicopter was sent out at dawn and the group was found safe but cold, air operations coordinator John Blown said.

"The three hikers on Coliseum just had shorts on, T-shirts and I think just cotton hoodies," Blown said.

"So they had a very uncomfortable night out there for sure. They were definitely not prepared to stay overnight."

Another hiker was reported missing late Thursday night on the Elsay Lake trail near Mount Seymour.

The 33-year-old man was also found safe Friday morning. He had extra clothing on him and was able to spend a more comfortable night on the mountain, Blown said.

'Getting in over their head'

North Shore Rescue has been busy, with four calls for help in two days, including a hiker who sustained a head injury and had to be airlifted by helicopter Thursday from St. Marks Summit in Cypress Provincial Park. 

There is a higher volume of people exploring B.C.'s trails and parks this summer, Blown said, and search and rescue operations across the province have been busy.

"Some people are probably just getting in over their head a bit. We've had a lot of medical calls for medical rescues from slips and falls and injuries this summer as well, so a lot of mistakes and injuries," he said.

Anyone heading out for a hike should bring 10 essential items in case of emergencies, Blown added, even if it's just a day hike.

"Always bring extra clothing because you never know when you might have to spend the night out there," he said. 


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