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Western U.S. states disregard Trump to form united front with B.C. in fight against climate change

State and provincial governments on the Pacific Coast are displaying their unity in response to an 'absence of leadership' from the White House.

Make Robson Street traffic free between Burrard and Granville, says planning expert

The future of Robson Square has become an increasing hot topic at city hall since a councillor brought forward a motion to reopen the block to traffic.

Vancouver's Trans Am Totem needs new home before it ends up in artist's driveway

The artist that created the sculpture near the Georgia Viaduct is looking for a buyer now that the piece has almost reached the end of its course with the Vancouver Biennale.

Seniors expert applauds U.K. move to appoint Ministry of Loneliness

A gerontology research director at Simon Fraser University is applauding British Prime Minister Theresa May for appointing a Minister for Loneliness.

There's a new shared space in Vancouver for motorcycle owners to maintain bikes

The owner of a Vancouver motorcycle shop has opened a shared garage space for repairs, education and community.

Fentanyl test strips need to get into the hands of users on the streets, says public health officer

A public health officer in Victoria says fentanyl test strips could save more lives if they were distributed outside of overdose prevention sites.

What's better than therapy dogs: Therapy horses?

UBC Okanagan brought therapy horses onto campus to help students and staff de-stress during exam time.

Property taxes in Kelowna, B.C., to increase 3.6% for 2018

The city will be raising taxes next year to help pay for a number of safety expenditures.

Organization says they're short on hampers for seniors living alone at Christmas

An increased number of seniors have registered at Burnaby Community Services for a Christmas hamper and there are not enough sponsors to fulfill the need.

Police in Greater Vancouver have a new resource to better assist medically challenged residents

Three B.C. police departments have partnered with MedicAlert so they can quickly access vital information about subscribers from the emergency service provider's database.

Vancouver's persistent rat problem may have a solution, thanks to an SFU professor

An SFU professor claims to have created a new rodent bait technology that can be up to 20 times as effective as alternative baits — and it may curb Vancouver's rat population.

Lost lives honoured at International Overdose Awareness Day

The ongoing drug crisis brought many people to a community garden on Vancouver's West Hastings Street Thursday for International Overdose Awareness Day. The event honoured those who have died from drug overdoses.

Drug-sniffing dogs are being used by Vancouver landlords to keep buildings free of narcotics

Some Vancouver property managers are hiring private companies with drug-sniffing dogs to sweep the public spaces of residential buildings in an effort to prevent grow-ops, meth labs and drug trafficking.

Improving access to mental health counselling a priority at UBC

The University of British Columbia is making changes to shift the conversation about mental health on campus.

Balmoral Hotel residents fear being turfed if building is condemned

A looming City of Vancouver decision on the fate of an East Hastings SRO means about 150 people could soon lose their homes, community activists say.