Nanaimo shooting: Fred McEachern, Michael Lunn mourned at memorial

Flowers and mementos line the fence at Western Forest Products near where Fred McEachern and Michael Lunn lost their lives.

Hockey dad and forklift driver who dressed as Santa at Christmas among victims

Michael John Lunn and Fred James McEachern were killed Wednesday 3:08

Flowers and mementos line the fence at Western Forest Products near where Fred McEachern and Michael Lunn lost their lives days earlier.

Kevin Douglas Addison has been charged with their murders following a shooting rampage Wednesday at the Western Forest Products sawmill in which the two men were killed and two other men were wounded, one critically.

Those who worked with McEachern remember the 53-year-old as a good manager and great minor hockey coach who never missed a game.

Friend Bob Orr says it's a huge loss. Orr said he still remembers McEachern coming to the rink after work with sawdust still on his shoulders. 

"You'd see the sawdust coming off," Orr said. "Somebody would pat him on the back."

Friends and family of Mike Lunn, the second man who was killed, say he loved his forklift and always wore a smile and a red shirt. Today, one of his sisters and friends wore similar red shirts in his honour, many with special messages written on them.

Mike Lunn was killed Wednesday morning at Western Forest Products in Nanaimo, B.C. where he worked. The forklift driver, who would dress as Santa at Christmas, is seen here wearing his trademark red shirt. (CBC)

His son-in-law Jason Gott says Lunn was one-of-a-kind.

"He was the best man I ever knew," said Gott.

"He's the best man Carter [Gott's son] ever knew and we miss him and we love him."

Carla Beaudoin can't believe the man who always played Santa at the Christmas party is gone.

"It's 20-plus years that he's been our Santa and it's just really really sad," she said.

Entire town in mourning

Even those who didn't know the victims personally are sharing the grief with those who did.

Victoria Hobb says it's got to be hard for the families.

"Especially for the children and guys coming out with no dads, we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope the other two pull through," she said.

Western Forest Product's vice president of manufacturing Tony Sudar was shot in the face, but is making a speedy recovery. (CBC)

Kyle Robinson is the stepson of Tony Sudar, Western Forest Products' vice-president of manufacturing who survived a gunshot wound to the face in the attack. 

"The first thing he said was I just wish I could get out of bed," said Robinson. "I need to get to friends who are hurt more."

The family of Earl Kelly, the other man wounded in the shooting and is still in hospital, also issued a statement Thursday.

"On behalf of the Kelly family, we would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. Earl is showing steady improvement and has the comfort of his family," the statement said.

"He is feeling very fortunate and at the time time very saddened by the whole event."

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With files from the CBC's Natalie Clancy