2 Nanaimo police officers injured after truck crushes unmarked police cars

Two Nanaimo RCMP officers were "slightly" injured Wednesday when the driver of a stolen pick-up truck rammed and mangled their unmarked cars, police said.

Police say 2 suspects are in custody and face numerous charges

Police say a stolen pick-up truck got stuck when it ran over a second unmarked police car. The alleged driver and a passenger were arrested, police say.

Two Nanaimo RCMP officers were slightly injured Wednesday when the driver of a stolen pick-up truck rammed and mangled their unmarked cars, police said.

According to an RCMP release, the driver of a stolen Dodge truck in Ladysmith, B.C. came across an officer in an unmarked car at around 8 a.m. PT Wednesday.

The pick-up driver — who police describe as prolific offenders, along with his passenger — rammed the unmarked car with his truck, drove up onto the hood then sped off.

Shortly after, police said, the driver met another unmarked car and "for reasons unknown" tried the same manoeuvre only to get his truck trapped in the hood and windshield of the car.

Both the driver and the passenger took off on foot and were arrested minutes later.

Police said a dog was used to catch them and the driver, 47, was hospitalized for several hours with dog bite injuries. Both he and his passenger, 32, are now in jail.

Police said both face numerous charges. The unmarked cars were destroyed.

Police released this image of the aftermath when a pick-up truck, which police say was stolen, rammed a second unmarked police car and became stuck. (Nanaimo RCMP)