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Heated Nanaimo meeting ends as councillor tells Mayor to 'bite me'

A meeting of Nanaimo city council came to a sudden end, after exchange between the Mayor and a councillor.

The latest incident to shine spotlight on rocky council relationship

Nanaimo city council with Mayor Bill McKay at centre and councillor Gord Fuller fourth from right. (© 2015 HA Photography

A Nanaimo city council meeting came to an abrupt end Wednesday after a councillor told the Mayor to "bite me".     

The meeting was streamed live on Facebook and has now been posted online by Amanda Orum. 

Council was assembled to discuss one item from the city's recent core review but there was an attempt to add a late item to the agenda about reducing the number of guards at the Nanaimo RCMP detachment.

This is when the meeting went sideways.

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Mayor Bill McKay was speaking about adding the item, when councillor Gord Fuller is seen walking around the meeting table.

McKay repeatedly called council to order and asked Fuller to leave the meeting. Fuller refused, saying "bite me."

At this point, the city's Chief Administrative Officer stood up and called on staff to leave the meeting. Councillors also began to leave, and the meeting ended.  

Fuller later apologized for his behaviour, but did not specifically apologize to McKay.

For his part McKay said he was disappointed. 

"I can't comment on someone else's behaviour," he said. "I can only determine my own behaviour at a council meeting.I was disappointed that it got to that level. We had a lot of very urgent business to deal with this morning and I believe we should have concentrated on that business".

This is the latest incident at the council table in the Island city.

Last spring, seven city councillors signed a letter asking McKay to resign as Mayor over allegations of bullying behaviour.

The Mayor refused to step down.

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