British Columbia

Mudslide hits Grouse Mountain parking lot

Grouse Grind remains open as crews clean up mud and debris that slid into the parking lot west of the lower gondola station.

Grouse Grind remains open as crews clean up mud and debris from gondola parking lot

A torrent of mud and debris came down just to the west of the Grouse Mountain gondola on Thursday night. (CBC)

Crews at Grouse Mountain are cleaning up after a mudslide hit the upper parking lot overnight.

Grouse Mountain spokeswoman Julia Grant said heavy rainfall triggered the slide which came down to the west of the lower gondola station. 

"The slide came through from the Metro Vancouver watershed lands adjacent to Grouse Mountain. No one was injured and there is no significant damage," said Grant in a statement. 

Crews at Grouse Mountain clean up mud. (CBC)

Metro Vancouver's Don Bradley said the slide was noticed at 7 a.m. PT this morning and has not impacted operations in Grouse Mountain Regional Park.

"The Grouse Grind trail remains open although the gate closed at one o'clock for the day because of daylight hours. Clean up is well underway," he said.

The mudslide has not affected operations in Grouse Mountain Regional Park. (CBC)

Grouse Mountain, including the gondola and tourist attractions at the top, closed for seasonal maintenance on Nov.1. It is scheduled to re-open Nov. 13.