More than 1,500 people take icy plunge in Vancouver during Polar Bear Swim

Hundreds of people braved the cold weather to take an icy plunge at Vancouver's English Bay during the annual Polar Bear Swim.

Annual New Year's Day tradition at English Bay dates back to 1920

This Santa and some of his reindeer took part in the 2017 Polar Bear Swim at English Bay on Jan. 1, 2017. (Bal Brach/CBC)

Thousands of people filled the shores of Vancouver's English Bay to take part in the annual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim. The Vancouver Park Board estimated more than 1,500 people took a plunge in the ocean. Hundreds of onlookers also watched and cheered from the sidelines. 

Many friends got together and dressed up in group costumes for an annual New Year's Day tradition. (David Horemans/CBC News)
The costumes at this year's Polar Bear Swim at English Bay were vibrant and bright. (David Horemans/CBC News)
These dinosaurs joined the crowds for the annual Polar Bear Swim at English Bay on New Year's Day. (David Horemans/CBC News)
A man walks on the icy surface at English Bay after taking a dip during the Polar Bear Swim. (David Horemans/CBC News)
These two men were some of the many to add a Christmas theme to their costume for the icy plunge. (David Horemans/CBC News)

It was the 97th annual Polar Bear Swim at English Bay. Similar events were held in communities across Metro Vancouver.