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Spotted in B.C.: Moose prancing on a roof (and it's not even Christmas)

Sandeep Pahal and her husband, Mandeep, got quite the surprise late Wednesday night when they spotted a moose wandering on the roof of the carport of their apartment building in Prince George.

'We don’t actually know how he got up there'

Sandeep Pahal said the moose struggled to get off of the roof but used the support of a tree to get down. (Sandeep Pahal)

Sandeep Pahal and her husband, Mandeep, got quite the surprise late Wednesday night when they spotted a moose wandering on the roof of the carport of their apartment building in Prince George.

Mandeep had just got home from work when he noticed something stomping above him. 

"[Mandeep] turns around and there's a moose on the carport," said Sandeep.

Her husband asked her to come to the window.

"All you see is a moose up there. He's just prancing around from one side of the carport to the other end."

'What if he gets hurt?'

The moose just wandered around on the roof for a little while, Sandeep said. 

"We don't actually know how he got up there."

But the B.C. Conservation Officer Service has a theory.

Moose on a roof

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Sandeep and Mandeep Pahal got a bit of a surprise when they saw a moose wandering on the roof of the carport outside their apartment building.

"The snow piles are very high and are likely how the moose wandered up. It was down and gone by the time anyone arrived," Conservation Officer Eamon McArthur told CBC in an email.

Sandeep said the moose was struggling to get down, so she called the RCMP.

"I was scared. If he falls, what if he gets hurt?"

Eventually, the moose went to the middle of the roof and used a tree for some support to get down, she said.

Moose sightings

The police did not find the moose once they arrived, Sandeep said. However, the animal came back for a second visit on Thursday and snacked on a tree before taking off again.

This isn't the first moose sighting in the city.

For the past month, the City of Prince George has been warning residents about an aggressive cow moose that has been wandering near the dog park at Ginter's Meadow with her two calves.

Two people were knocked down by the mama moose while walking their dogs. Conservation officers believe she was trying to protect her calves.

"I have a feeling it might be that moose that's from there," said Sandeep, although she does not know for sure.

Conservation officers don't know either but that moose is still on the loose.

with files from Christine Coulter and Radio West


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