British Columbia

Moose calf rescued and reunited with mother in Smithers

Angelika Langen and her husband, Peter, rescued the young moose just outside of Smithers B.C. on Tuesday.

The calf was trapped in a wire fence, but appears to be fine now

Angelika Langen comforts a moose calf that she helped free from a wire fence. The calf's mother stands calmly by. (Northern Lights Wildlife Society)

A moose calf trapped in a wire fence was rescued thanks to the owner of the Northern Lights Wildlife Society.

Angelika Langen and her husband, Peter, rescued the young moose just outside of Smithers B.C. on Tuesday.

She told CBC Kelowna that when they approached the moose, the calf's mother showed up.

"It stopped us cold in our tracks ... moose can be quite dangerous when protecting their young," she said.

Langen said that the mother was not aggressive and they noticed she had been tagged. She said she read the number on the tag and the name "Rain" and knew immediately it was one of the moose her organization, Northern Lights Wildlife Society, had rehabilitated a few years ago.

"Rain calmly stood by our side as we cut her son out of  the fence and helped him back on his feet," she said.

Langen said she examined the leg of the calf and there were no open sores or broken bones.

"He was exhausted but other than that he was perfectly all right."

After 45 minutes, the calf walked away with his mom.

Later that night, Langen and her husband went looking for Rain and the calf. They were happy to report to CBC Kelowna that they found them and both are doing fine.

Hear Angelika Langen tell her story to Rebecca Zanbergen of CBC Kelowna's Radio West by clicking the audio link labelled "Moose rescue in Smithers."


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