Washington police find remains of former B.C. resident and her husband

Detectives in Washington state say they have found the bodies of a missing couple they believe were victims of homicide, one of them a former B.C. resident.

Former Burnaby resident Monique Patenaude and husband, Patrick Shunn, were declared missing in April

Concerned neighbours called police after Monique Patenaude, 46, and her husband Patrick Shunn, 45, went missing from their home in Washington state. (Shari Ireton)

Detectives in Washington state say they have found the bodies of a missing couple they believe were victims of homicide, one of them a former B.C. resident. 

Police say they believe the remains are those of Monique Patenaude, 46, who had previously lived in Burnaby, B.C., and her husband, Patrick Shunn, 45. The couple were reported missing on April 12 from their home in a rural part of Snohomish County. 

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office says the bodies were found in a remote area near their home and also close to where their vehicles were found below an embankment

Detectives say they found the bodies with the assistance of Tony Clyde Reed, 49, one of two suspects in the case. Reed was arrested by U.S. marshals on May 16 and was said to be co-operating with police. 

John Reed, left, and his brother, Tony Reed, have each been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the death of former B.C. woman Monique Patenaude and her husband, Patrick Shunn. (Snohomish County Sheriff Office via Associated Press)

Reed appeared in Snohomish County Superior Court on Tuesday afternoon and entered not guilty pleas to two counts of first-degree murder and unlawful firearm possession.

His attorney, James Kirkham, helped arrange an end to a month-long manhunt for Reed.

Kirkham told the Daily Herald in Everett, Wash., on Monday that his client turned himself in to answer the allegations against him.

"My client is innocent of the first-degree murder charges," the lawyer said. "He's here to defend himself."

Authorities are still searching for Reed's 53-year-old brother, John Blaine Reed. Police previously said they had spotted the brothers in Mexico.

They say the Reed brothers and the couple had been involved in a property dispute. The brothers were each charged with two counts of first-degree murder. 

Chilling details revealed

Court documents revealed police recovered blood and gasoline-soaked clothing from John Reed's residence, along with a number of firearms and a quantity of ammunition. 

A "fresh" 9-mm shell casing was discovered outside the locked gate on the driveway that leads to the Patenaude and Shunn residence, and also to the former home of John Reed. 

Investigators were able to use Patenaude and Shunn's cellphone pings to discover the remote wooded location where their cars were found, pushed down a steep embankment.

A significant amount of blood was discovered in the cargo area of each vehicle, and both cars were covered with tree branches in an apparent effort to hide them.

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