Mission to Seafarers delivering 2K care packages to sailors this Christmas

The Mission to Seafarers has been delivering care packages to sailors in Vancouver's harbour for more than 40 years.

Volunteer organization has delivered Christmas gifts to ships in Vancouver's harbour for 40 years

Volunteers at Vancouver's Mission to Seafarers prepare care packages for sailors spending Christmas in port. (CBC)

A team of volunteers is preparing to deliver presents to as many as 2,000 sailors anchored off Vancouver.

The Mission to Seafarers has been delivering care packages to sailors for more than 40 years.

Nick Parker, senior port chaplain to the mission, said the packages will be delivered to sailors on Christmas Eve.

"It's nice to surprise people, give them joy and happiness. When the port shuts down and they think while everyone's celebrating Christmas, we've forgotten about them," Parker said.

"Then we arrive on a boat and lo and behold they have Christmas on board."

"It's mind boggling. You see the smiles on their faces you see their laughter, you see their eyes bug out and they say 'wow'."

The packages include cookies, toiletries, warm clothes and a Christmas card.

Hear Nick Parker at Vancouver's Mission to Seafarers speaking to CBC Radio's On The Coast by clicking audio link: "Mission to Seafarers".


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