Missing snowmobilers found near Kelowna, B.C.

Two snowmobilers missing since Sunday in a canyon in southwestern B.C. were found alive Monday morning, after a trail of data led searchers to them.
Two Kelowna, B.C., snowmobilers are lucky to be home after being stranded in the woods 2:06

A rescue team made contact with two snowmobilers missing since Sunday in a rugged area of southwestern B.C., and a trail of text messages is being credited with leading searchers in the right direction.

Darren Hogg, 37, sent a text message to friends at around 8 p.m. on Sunday night saying that he and a friend were okay, but stuck in the Myra Canyon area southeast of Kelowna.

Sharon Bond, Hogg's wife, said the pair were familiar with the area, and that Hogg had been updating her on the trip by texting his GPS coordinates to her.

The pair didn't return from the trip Sunday night, and a full-scale search was launched shortly after midnight.

Snowmobiler Darren Hogg frequently texted his GPS coordinates to wife Sharon Bond. (CBC News)

RCMP Corporal Bill Parmar said searchers were being very cautious because of the risk of avalanches.

Searchers found the snowmobile the men used early Monday morning and later spotted two men in the same general area as the abandoned snowmobile from a police helicopter.

Rescuers set out to bring them in, and confirmed at around 11 a.m. PT that the spotted pair were indeed the missing men.They are expected to reach the search and rescue base on June Springs Road by noon.

Members of the rescue team said it was unusual to have a trail of data leading to missing hikers or snowmobilers, but that the text messages and GPS data was obviously very helpful.