British Columbia

Missing grizzly hunters located alive near Mackenzie, B.C.

Three hunters who were reported missing in Northern B.C. have been located alive, the RCMP has confirmed.

Experienced trio, expected home on May 20, were reported missing after failing to return home last week

B.C. RCMP says the three hunters, from left to right, Marcus Glass, Thomas Glass, and Enrico Marosi have been located (RCMP )

Three hunters from the Shuswap area who were reported missing in Northern B.C. have turned up alive and well, the RCMP has confirmed.

Enrico Marosi, 34, was granted a draw for a grizzly in the Omineca 7-38 Wildlife Management Unit near Mackenzie. He left on a hunt with Marcus Glass, 45, and Thomas Glass, 42, on May 11.

Enrico Marosi was reported missing by an employee after he failed to show up at his construction business.

The trio was expected to return home on May 20, but when Marosi failed to show up at work last week, one employee at his construction company in Salmon Arm alerted police.

It turns out the men had asked another hunter to tell their families they would be returning late, but the message wasn't passed along.

Brodie Hartford, who originally reported the trio missing to police, said they are now expected to return home tonight.

"I know they ran into some pretty serious snow up there apparently, and apparently that was one of the issues, that and just I guess a lack of success with the hunt, so they decided to keep on trying," said Hartford.

In 2009, former junior hockey coach Ernie (Punch) McLean, 77, was found alive after being missing in the Northern B.C. wilderness for five nights.


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