British Columbia

Minimum wage in B.C. boosted by 50 cents to $11.35 per hour

B.C. now has the third highest minimum wage in Canada.

The increase, originally announced back in August, officially comes into effect today

In August Labour Minister Harry Bains announced the province would be raising the minimum wage by 50 cents. (Karin Larsen/CBC)

Changes to B.C.'s minimum wage come into effect today, with an increase of 50 cents boosting the rate to $11.35 per hour.

Labour Minister Harry Bains originally announced the planned increase back in August, following up on a promise made by the former Liberal government.

"The 50 cents increase was a commitment made by the previous government that we as the new government will honour and legally implement, thereby creating a stepping stone towards our $15-an-hour goal," Bains said at the time.

This increase gives B.C. the third highest minimum wage among the provinces, up from the seventh spot.

Canada's highest minimum wage is held by Nunavut at $13, while the lowest is Saskatchewan at $10.72. 

According to the province, there were 93,800 people who earned minimum wage in B.C. in 2016, 54 per cent of whom were youths aged 15 to 24.