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Mini Rosebud Motel replica attracts Schitt's Creek fans to Seattle neighbourhood

A miniature version of the exterior of the Rose Bud Motel has popped up in a Seattle neighborhood, bringing a little Christmas joy to crowds gathering to check it out.

‘We are seriously impressed,' reads a post from Schitt's Creek official Instagram account

Marla Ellingsen and her daughter Simone, 13, started binge-watching Schitt's Creek at the beginning of the lockdown, but watched the last two episodes in five minute increments because "we never wanted it to end." (Marla Ellingsen)

Even on a dark and rainy Monday morning in Seattle — crowds of people braved the weather, lining up for a closer view of a mini replica of the Rosebud Motel from the hit CBC TV comedy series Schitt's Creek.

The iconic motel was recreated in front of a home in Seattle's Queen Ann neighborhood and has been attracting groups of mask-wearing, physically distanced fans for a few weeks.

The intricate details depicting scaled down versions of the original hotel — like an Elmdale Chronicle newspaper box, an "Elect Moira Rose for town council" sign, and even the pop vending machine — are drawing some serious attention.

Crows are seen on the roof of the Rose Bud Motel replica, a nod to fictional actress Moira Rose and her role in the film Crows Have Eyes. (Marla Ellingson)

"Omg who did this?!" reads a post from the official Schitt's Creek Instagram account. "We are seriously impressed." 

Marla Ellingsen is a Canadian living in Seattle who came to check out the scene with her daughter Simone over the weekend — but came back for more Monday.

Ellingsen is a healthcare worker at Seattle's Children's Hospital and like so many others, can't come home because of border closures.

"I can't see my friends and family during the holidays so it's kind of a sweet thing" she said. "And it's nice to have a little Canadian heritage here."

"They went into some really intricate details," said Marla Ellingsen. "Even the crappy plastic chairs out front." (Marla Ellingsen)
A miniature Elect Moira Rose sign and mailbox in front of the Rosebud Motel replica. (Marla Ellingsen)

Ellingsen and her daughter started watching the Emmy Award winning series when the lockdown began in March.

She says they plowed through all seasons, but slowed to a crawl for the last two episodes. 

"We watched them in five-minute increments, we never wanted it to end," she said.

She says she doesn't mind the crowds or the waiting in line to get another glimpse of the replica, because it's bringing people together, albeit six feet apart, at an important time.

"It's nice to have a little joy and sort of celebrate with people in the neighborhood," she said.

The CBC reached out to the mastermind behind Seattle's Rosebud Motel replica, but have so far been unable to make contact.


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