Metro Vancouver kids get a face full of snow

Metro Vancouver children were free to play in the fresh snow on Friday, as many school districts had a scheduled professional development day.

Many school districts had a professional development day, so children were free to play in the snow

The line between laughter and discomfort is fine, when dealing with a pile of snow in your face. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Snow fell across B.C.'s South Coast on Friday, creating havoc on the streets, as traffic grappled with the dicey conditions. But for many children, the snow came as a welcome dose of winter.

Several school districts, like Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, New Westminster, North Vancouver and Richmond, weren't forced to make the decision to call a snow day, because they already had scheduled professional development days,

Many Metro Vancouver municipalities had a scheduled Pro-D day on Friday, so kids were free to play in the fresh snow. 0:41

Joshua Goodman, 7, and his father, Bernie, spent some time at the park doing runs on their sled. 

"Last year, I went with friends and there was lots of injuries, like, my friend cut his lip and then it might have got infected," said Joshua. "There was a metal sled and then I think he hit his face into it or something."

He said he wasn't worried about getting hurt on Friday, because the slope wasn't too crowded.

Grade 2 student Joshua and his father Bernie Goodman get sprayed with snow as they do some sledding at Cleveland Park in North Vancouver on Friday. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)
Ronan, 5, is bundled up for a day of sledding. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Lucas Vermulen, 8, and his younger sister were packing out a good straight line down the hill to pick up a little speed. He was getting some air, bouncing off the bumps, as he repeatedly slid down the hill head first.

"I just make a trail first, then I get a running start," said Vermulen, who said it was lucky to get a Pro-D day when it happened to snow.

And the day wouldn't be limited to sledding.

"[I like] snowball fighting. Though my sister doesn't like them. I still do it," he said.

A child hauls a sled back to the top of a hill for another run. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)
An unidentified child is covered in snow while sledding in North Vancouver on Friday. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Mia, 7, and her cousins who were visiting from San Francisco were geared up with helmets and goggles to take on the slope.

"It's good," she said of getting a day off when it was snowy. "It does not happen every day."

After sledding, Mia's family was planning to do some ice skating.

Rio and his friend Ronan, both 5 years old, get ready to slide down a hill at Cleveland Park in North Vancouver. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)
Aden Al Himyary, 4, demonstrates the not-so-traditional belly-down snow angel technique. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Tashi, 6, said she enjoyed the sledding.

"It's awesome, because I like to go fast on the sled, and I don't usually get to do that," she said, offering the tip that if there's a rope on the sled, one shouldn't let it get wrapped around their head.

Rio, 5, lets out a shriek as he slides down a slope in North Vancouver. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)
Kids in North Vancouver had a scheduled day off school, leaving them free to play in the snow. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)


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