British Columbia

Men caught on roof after Victoria jewelry robbery

Two men and a woman are in police custody in Victoria after robbers stormed a jewelry store Thursday and doused the employees in bear spray, polic say.

Three people are in police custody following a Victoria jewelry store robbery Thursday that forced the evacuation of a hotel and the lockdown of several surrounding businesses.

Police say two men entered the store on Fort Street about 10:30 a.m. PT and doused the employees with bear spray. The men then smashed the store’s glass cabinets, took merchandise and fled on foot.

One witness said the store’s female owner chased the suspects into a parking garage.

A robbery suspect stands in the bucket of a fire truck ladder between a Victoria police officer and a firefighter. (CBC)

"I saw them booting it up here and the owner was chasing after, telling them to stop. She had ditched her high heels to keep running after them," said witness Tanya McFadden.

Police then learned that two men had been seen running into the Bedford Hotel.

Police positioned a sniper on a nearby rooftop while an emergency response team searched the hotel floor by floor.

Two men were then reported on the hotel’s roof.

Unable to get to them on foot, police used a fire truck ladder to access the roof and arrested the pair.

A woman was also taken into custody, police said.


With files from the CBC's Leah Hendry