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Meet Vancouver's Fairy Godmother of Relationships

Tara Caffelle draws on her life experiences to offer life coaching and relationship tune-ups for couples who want to make their relationship last.

Tara Caffelle suggests ways couples can spark their relationship through open communication

Life coach Tara Caffelle offers ways to keep communication open and fires burning 6:56

Tara Caffelle has always been intrigued by how people get along. 

"I watched the Lord of the Rings and I kept falling asleep in the battle scenes because it's not about the relationship."

So, she decided to make relationships her career. Now, she coaches couples through the good times and the hard times so they don't lose that magic spark between them.

Vancouver's resident fairy godmother of relationships calls her sessions "relationship tune-ups."

"We just spend some time rebuilding the stuff that crumbles when we're rushing around with kids and life and jobs and groceries — all of that."

She encourages couples to pay attention to how they part ways in the morning, and reminds them to take a moment for a hug and kiss to say good-bye.

Caffelle says it's not that hard to find time to sneak in small touches of each other throughout the day. She also suggests a date night outside the home once a week.

She says it's important to do small things often that allow partners to feel seen and heard.

For Valentine's Day, she suggests a conversation about how the day should me marked.

"Maybe it's a love letter, maybe it's going to a movie, maybe it's 'leave me alone I want a bubble bath without you' ... whatever it is that the partner wants."

Tara Caffelle speaks with Gloria Macarenko on CBC's Our Vancouver. (CBC)

Learning from experience

Caffelle says she's been on every continuum of relationship. She met her ex-husband when she was 21, divorced, was single, and now is with the second love her life.

And it's her own experience that helps her get other couples through some of the rockiest moments in their relationships.

"It's hard to shock me now. I've heard it all."

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