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McKenzie Shipyard in North Vancouver subject of art exhibit

A new multimedia exhibit celebrates the 82-year history of the now-departed McKenzie Shipyard in North Vancouver.

Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyard runs until April at the Vancouver Maritime Museum

A new multimedia exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum captures the last day at a North Vancouver shipyard before it was demolished in 2014.

"Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyard" is the creation of artist Tracy McMenemy. She was present for the last day of the McKenzie Shipyard before it was demolished after 82 years of existence.

"It was very ghostly. It appeared as though everyone had gone to lunch and were going to come back. But they didn't," she told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.

"There were notebooks open with pens. There were saws that looked like they were ready to chop wood. There was a chair positioned on the dock as if someone had just had their lunch. You could feel the energy of the workmen around. I had never felt anything like that before."

She says her aim was to remind people to slow down and appreciate what's in their own backyard before it disappears forever.

You can see some of the exhibit's photos in the photo gallery above.

"Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyard" runs until April.

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