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Maryse Zeidler is a reporter for CBC News in Vancouver, covering news from across British Columbia. You can reach her at

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Eviction of hundreds from B.C. RV park prompts call for clarity on tenancy rules

Mobile home experts say the rules and rights for long-term residents aren't always clear and depend on myriad conditions that tenants, and landlords, aren't always aware of.

Hundreds of RV park residents in Surrey given notice to leave by May

The owners of the Peace Arch RV park recently gave about 300 people notice to leave by May. Residents say they have nowhere else to go.

Surrey to vote on banning people from occupying RVs overnight on city streets

Poverty advocate Mike Musgrove says the staff proposal seems poorly timed given the lack of affordable housing in the city.

25 years ago, this LGBT landmark in Vancouver took on 'big brother' and won

It's been 25 years since Little Sister's began a years-long court battle that ended in a landmark decision against the Canadian Border Services Agency. 

Howe Sound UNESCO biosphere initiative one step closer to reality

Metro Vancouver's Climate Action Committee has backed the Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative which aims to combine conservation of the area's sensitive ecosystems with sustainable development. 

Whole Foods, Liberty Wines partner to bring first wine sales to Vancouver grocery store

Vancouverites will soon be able to buy wine at one of the city's grocery stores — five years after the province announced changes to its liquor policy to make that possible. 

Demand for Indigenous tourism outpacing availability of staff, creation of infrastructure

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada says unmet need in the quickly growing sector increases the risk of cultural appropriation and inauthentic experiences.

'I just need my legs back': Stolen wheelchair leaves Vancouverite homebound

Romham Gallacher was getting set to leave their East Vancouver home on Saturday morning when it became apparent something was horribly wrong. 

'Autism is not death': Protesters fight for acceptance, self-representation at annual fundraiser

A small group of autistic protesters attended a fundraising walk in Richmond, B.C., on Sunday to voice their concerns about how they are represented by organizations meant to support them and their families. 

'Stroller brigades' across B.C. make plea for national child-care strategy

The protesters, many of them with strollers in tow, want the federal government to provide affordable, universal child care for parents across the country. 
Growing Vegan

Veganism may seem popular, but food experts say the future is flexitarian

Plant-based diets are on the rise, but they still represent just a small fraction of how people eat. Still, some food experts say that's not important, as long as most people reduce their consumption of animal products enough to become "vegan-ish."

B.C.'s pharmaceutical watchdog marks 25 years of advising doctors, government

The Therapeutics Initiative was created to give the province an unbiased assessment of new medications. Some B.C. doctors say its advice makes it harder to prescribe important new drugs.
Growing Vegan

'Vegan used to be a dirty word': Vancouver's vegan pioneers share their stories

Veganism is a booming food trend in B.C., but it wasn't always that way. Here are some of the early pioneers who shunned animal foods and products.

About 30% of Canadians suffer from a sleep disorder — and less is known about women's insomnia

Frustration: that's the word Vancouverite Jacqueline Sinclair uses most often to describe her insomnia. Increasingly, doctors and sleep experts recognize that insomnia and sleep disorders affect women differently.

New overnight hut for hikers and skiers opens near Whistler

The Kees & Claire Hut will eventually become part of a three-hut system called the Spearhead Huts Project that will connect Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.