B.C. man attempting 5-year motorless trip around the globe

33-year-old Markus Pukonen is seven months into a five-year motorless journey around the globe.

33-year-old Markus Pukonen has travelled by all kinds of methods, from pogo-stick to tricycle

Markus Pukonen is attempting a rather strange motorless journey around the globe. (Pierre Verrière/CBC)

He may not be the first person to circumnavigate Earth, but 33-year-old adventurer Markus Pukonen may be attempting the quirkiest journey around the globe yet.

"So far, I have canoed, trimaraned, handcycled, pogo-sticked, recumbent tricycled, fat biked, skied, rafted, kayaked..."

Pukonen, who lives in Tofino when he isn't attempting a five-year trip around the world, began his journey seven months ago in Toronto.

 "I am circumnavigating the entire planet without using a motor," he said.

Along the way Pukonen is connecting with non-profit groups committed to building a healthy planet. His goal is to raise $10 million for leaders of positive change, and he's blogging every leg of the trip.

 "The surprising thing for me is how inspiring children can be," said Pukonen.

"I find that they're super inspired by what I'm doing, but i'm also super inspired by how knowledgeable and intelligent and passionate they are about creating change on the planet."

Pukonen's next stop is Vancouver Island, he plans to make it there by paddling.

With files from Belle Puri


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