British Columbia

Marijuana factory hosts hiring fair in Nanaimo

There's a big company looking to staff up in Nanaimo

City officials thrilled as Lafitte Ventures, Ltd. looks to hire dozens of staffers

It's a hiring fair the likes of which Nanaimo has never seen, one sign of marijuana going corporate.

Tilray, the production arm of Nanaimo-based Lafitte Ventures, Ltd., is looking to attract plant scientists, marketers and managers to work at its budding multi-million dollar pot factory.

Rather than being worried about it, city officials are thrilled.

"This is not Cheech & Chong.  These are ivy league lawyers and Harvard MBAs, venture capitalists that see an opportunity in Canada," said Sasha Angus of Nanaimo's Economic Development Corporation.

Health Canada regulations change April 1. Under the new rules, all medical marijuana production must move from home-based to industrial facilities.

The beginning of marijuana's corporate future has Lafitte's Philippe Lucas excited.

"What we're seeing is the dawning of this new bio-tech industry and people are definitely taking it seriously and they're definitely taking the financial impact this industry brings with it seriously," he said.


with files from the CBC's Luke Brocki