British Columbia

Rescue crews free driver trapped in a truck for 2 days near Manning Park

RCMP say the driver may have gone off the highway near Manning Park around February 28, 2017. He was trapped in the cab of the truck for 48 hours before emergency crews got him out.

Around 25 people worked to rescue the driver, who was freed from the vehicle around 11 p.m. Thursday

The man spent 48 hours trapped in this truck before rescuers were able to free him. (Kevin MacDonald)

Emergency crews and tow truck drivers have spent the night trying to free a truck driver who was stuck in his cab for two days.

The driver's tractor-trailer went off the road and down an embankment about 10 kilometres west of the entrance to Manning Park, some time on Feb. 28. 

RCMP said the man had been stuck inside the cab since then.

"I've been on highway patrol for nine years, so I've seen many many crashes of this nature," said Cst. James Halliday with Fraser Valley Traffic Services.

"This is the most complex one I've seen where we had to extricate someone."

Const. James Halliday called it one of the most 'complex' extrications he's ever seen. (Kevin MacDonald)

3 teams worked on the extrication

A mobile mechanic was called out to dismantle the truck's transmission, while search and rescue crews worked on cutting out sections of the truck's cab around the driver.

A local towing company brought in trucks to help keep the truck from sliding further down the embankment.

"It's been six hours that everybody's been working on trying to get the driver out," said Jamie Davis, with the Jamie Davis Towing company.

"Everybody's working hard here together … there must be 25 people working to help free the driver."

Halliday said the driver was awake during the whole process.

Jaime Davis said around 25 people were working on the extrication. (Kevin MacDonald)