Man taken into police custody ends up in hospital

A man taken into custody by police in Vancouver ended up in hospital, and the officers involved are now under investigation.

Man suffered 'significant medical event' after altercation with another man and arrest by police

A man taken into custody by police in Vancouver ended up in hospital, and the officers involved are now under investigation. 

Independent Investigations Office spokesman Owen Court says the man was taken to hospital after a Vancouver police officer arrested him Friday night.

"At around 10:20 last night the VPD reported to us that officers had witnessed some form of altercation between a couple of men at or around Main and Terminal area," Court said."It's my understanding that one of the men was taken into custody after which he immediately suffered what's being referred to as 'a significant medical event.'"

Court said the man was still in hospital when his office launched an investigation at 11:30 a.m. Saturday.