British Columbia

Skiers lost on Mount Seymour spending New Years Eve in the backcountry

The two skiers got lost while backcountry skiing on Mt. Seymour. They will be spending the night in the cold, with equipment from a North Shore Rescue cache.

The pair were able to make phone contact with North Shore Rescue at First Pump peak

The base of Mt. Seymour's First Pump peak, this past spring. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

Two skiers are spending their New Years Eve in the cold after getting lost on Mount Seymour Saturday afternoon.

The pair were backcountry skiing on the mountain when they got lost. They were able to phone a friend from the First Pump peak, who called for North Shore Rescue to assist.

Team leader Mike Danks said the skiers will be staying there overnight with an NSR cache, containing supplies to keep them warm and safe.

"They will be cold but safe," Danks told CBC News.

Search crews will be heading out to the mountain at first light New Years Day to help the pair.

With files from Maryse Zeidler