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The crazy ride of making a film in 8 days

Two budding B.C. moviemakers threw together a satirical film on pipelines in just eight days as part of a film contest.

Whose pipeline is it anyway? Crazy8s film makers have satirical take on contentious issue

No Reservations -- a short film

7 years ago
Duration 6:00
Trevor Carroll and Ben Mallin made No Reservations as part of Crazy8s

Some creative people actually need a deadline. The challenge fuels them and forces them to think deeply and act quickly, often resulting in fresh material.

That's the sentiment shared by filmmakers and other artists who've all experienced Vancouver's annual Crazy8s film contest.

The non-profit society puts on the event to push budding filmmakers to the next level by making them produce an entire film in eight days.

"It's a challenge," said producer Ben Mallin, one of the participants in the competition. "You have to lock in a crew and everyone is volunteering, but then you pitch this idea to people and it just hits and they want to be a part of it."

Mallin, alongside director Trevor Carroll, are on one of six teams that were selected to develop their films, including No Reservations which gives a satirical take on B.C.'s pipeline issue.

They had eight days to shoot, edit, and finalize their piece, and faced several curveballs along the way including Vancouver's infamous "snowmageddon"

No Reservations

The story concept, developed by Carroll, is that a pipeline is going to be build under a mostly Caucasian suburb. But Carroll says what happens is a surprise and satirical take on pipeline development.

"I wanted to have something timely and relevant to what was happening right now. I was researching the topic and I could see people leaning towards both sides ... I just wanted to have a really different perspective. In the story we flip some of the roles but not in a violent way like we've seen in standing rock," he said.

No Reservations is a satirical look at pipeline development. (Ben Mallin and Trevor Carroll)

No Reservations features the former star of Corner Gas Lorne Cardinal. 

"He's such a talented actor and working with him on set seeing him perform and to watch the amount of motivation he brings to the project it was truly honoured to work with him," said Carroll.

Both Carroll and Mallin wanted to take part in Crazy8s because of its reputation for boosting the careers of all the crew involved. 

After the six films are completed they are presented at special public gala. Tickets can be purchased at

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