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Local slackliner performs tightrope stunt at Stanley Park Seawall

Local Slackliner Spencer Seabrooke anchored a rope and walked across Siwash Rock, located between Third Beach and the Lions Gate bridge on Tuesday during sunset.

Spencer Seabrooke says he's addicted to the extreme sport

How often do you see a man walking a tightrope along the picturesque Stanley Park Seawall?

It was a breathtaking sight for many as a slackliner performed his stunt at the iconic Siwash rock Tuesday night.

 "It was amazing," said Spencer Seabrooke

"It had a different feeling than the normal high line missions we go on."

Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking but the webbing has stretch and bounce, making it feel more like a long and narrow trampoline. 

'It all happened really fast but it was really fun'

Seabrooke has been practicing the so-called extreme sport for three years. 

He had been thinking about this stunt for more than a year, and the planning for it took several months.

"We understand that technically we're not supposed to be up on that rock. It was a windy night so once we got up there and started standing there, it's pretty breathtaking just all the waves and the fresh wind hitting your face, it was really all happened really fast but it was really fun."

Most of Seabrooke's walks Tuesday night were done with full protection. He was wearing a harness and helmet.

"Even if there's gear failure, most things there were backed up to something else and in the worst case scenario you would have dropped a couple of metres but you would have been hanging from a rope safely."

He does admit to being a bit of a daredevil on one of the walks. 

"On my second time across, I just kind of got the urge that I do sometimes, and I decided to take my safety off and I walked it with no harness, no protection." 


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