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Local designers make bold statements at Vancouver Fashion Week

Our Vancouver got a preview of the local designers showcasing their creations in Vancouver Fashion Week from September 18 to 24.

40 local and 50 international fashion designers are showcasing their upcoming spring collections

Five local designs show us what's in store for spring 5:18

When Jamal Abdourahman helped found Vancouver Fashion Week in 2001, it was to take local designs to the world by giving them a place to showcase their creations.

Now, the world is coming to Vancouver to be part of a show and a program that has a reputation for pushing boundaries and embracing the many cultures that make up the city.

"Every designer is unique, and they are always cutting edge and [trying] to one up each other every year," said Abdourahman.

This will be the 30th fashion week that Abdourahman has programmed.

The event runs twice a year, showcasing collections for the upcoming season.

This week, Our Vancouver got a sneak peak of what five local designers have created for their spring 2018 collections.

A D A M 
An edgy look - with piercing and hair as sharp as the clothing. (CBC)
Aiki District 
A travel-inspired piece with a Middle Eastern top and Italian linen. (CBC)
Evan Clayton 
Theatrical colours and cut-outs, with samurai-inspired hair. (CBC)
Mary Ebra 
An alien-like silhouette for both the dress and hair. (CBC)
Sam Stringer 
An easy-to-wear, unisex design paired with a simple, elegant hair style. (CBC)

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