Lisa Johnson


Lisa Johnson is a reporter for CBC News in Vancouver, covering news around the province with a specialty in science, nature, and making sense of complicated things. Before becoming a journalist she pipetted DNA and watched fish mating dances en route to a degree in evolutionary ecology.

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Century-old wood used to pave early Vancouver splintering in heat

Hidden below the streets of downtown Vancouver, under decades of asphalt, there's a layer of history that reminds us how the City of Glass used to be built of wood — and paved with it too.

'Same company, 2nd spill': 1,000 drivers file claims after 2 acid spills wreck cars

Motorists who unwittingly drove through sulphuric acid spilled in Trail, B.C., this spring are crying foul after their vehicles were "totalled" by the corrosive chemical and some still don't have compensation.

'Slogging' killer whale J-50 gets live fish delivery in latest attempt to save her

Efforts to help an endangered orca off the B.C. coast hit new uncharted waters Sunday, as U.S. biologists tried to feed the killer whale known as J-50 live chinook salmon off a boat.

Ailing young orca J-50 gets novel medical treatment at sea

A young endangered killer whale at the centre of a cross-border "emergency response" has now been assessed and treated at sea off the coast of British Columbia.

'Hard to watch': Killer whale mother still grieving in unprecedented display

Scientists are watching the whale known as J-35 closely as she carries the body of her dead newborn, for an "unprecedented" 16 days and counting, while they mount an emergency response for another ailing orca.

Killer whale mother still carrying dead newborn 16 days later

In what observers have called an extraordinary display of grief, killer whale J-35 has been spotted again still carrying the body of her newborn 16 days after the calf died.

Canada not ready to treat endangered young killer whale under U.S. plan

The health of a malnourished young killer whale has made headlines for days, but no one has applied to carry out a U.S. plan to medicate her in Canadian waters, say fisheries officials.

'We needed to intervene': Cross-border efforts mounted to help starving orca

Unprecedented efforts are in the works to help a malnourished and possibly sick young killer whale last spotted off the B.C. coast — if officials can reach her in time.

Campfires still beckon, even when they're not allowed

There's something about a flickering flame even when dry summers and modern life make campfires harder to come by. Research suggests we find something there we don't get anywhere else.

Fraser River is now so warm it may kill migrating sockeye salmon

Sockeye salmon are migrating up B.C.'s Fraser River right now, but the water is so warm the fish may die before they have the chance to spawn.

'Frustrating' EpiPen shortage making allergy patients anxious

Some pharmacies in B.C. are running out of EpiPen injectors, leaving patients with life-threatening allergies searching for what's left after months of "frustrating" shortages.

B.C. heat wave day 8: It will get better

"Ridiculously resilient ridge" of high pressure that's held a heat wave and choked the air for weeks on the B.C. South Coast is expected to give up on Wednesday.

Heat health risk prompts change to Environment Canada warning system

The heat really is different depending on whether you're in Vancouver, Toronto or St. John's, so a single threshold has given way to regional differences that include a heat wave's duration and nighttime lows.

Seth Rogen to be new 'guest voice' of Metro Vancouver transit system

Vancouver-born actor Seth Rogen will be the new "guest voice" of the city's transit system, after Morgan Freeman lost the job over sexual misconduct allegations.

'Lives are on the line:' Cystic fibrosis patients file class action lawsuit for $250K-a-year drug

Patients with a certain type of cystic fibrosis are suing the B.C. and federal health ministers for access to the drug Orkambi, which costs $250,000 per year per patient.