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Lindsay Buziak's brutal killing unsolved six years later

Lindsay Buziak, 24, was stabbed to death while showing a $1-million home in the Greater Victoria suburb of Saanich on Feb. 2, 2008.

24-year-old victim was stabbed to death in a $1-million home in Greater Victoria

No arrests in Lindsay Buziak case

9 years ago
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It was six years ago that the Victoria-area realtor was stabbed to death in a million-dollar home. Police now say organized crime elements may have played a role.

It has been six years since a young B.C. real estate agent was brutally killed while showing a home in Greater Victoria, and her father has made it his mission to keep her memory alive — and to keep her unsolved murder in the spotlight.

As he did last year, Jeff Buziak travelled to Victoria from his home in Calgary to lead the annual Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice on the anniversary of her death.

"I made that vow that I would not let this go," he told CBC News.

Six years after her death, with no arrests made, family and friends of Lindsay Buziak march from her grave to the crime scene, then to the Saanich Police Department. (CBC)

On Sunday, he again led her loved ones and other supporters in a walk that began at her grave site, proceeded to the home where she was killed, and ended at Saanich Municipal Hall, where the police department has an office.

"The case is unsolved," Buziak said. "It's been six years, and we'd like to see some action there."

Lindsay Buziak was just 24 years old when she died while showing a $1-million home in Saanich on Feb. 2, 2008.

Police said she was lured by an unknown couple to the home, and then stabbed to death in an upstairs bedroom.

In 2008, police in Saanich, B.C., are seen combing the scene of Lindsay Buziak's death. (CBC)

The Saanich Police Department has yet to make any arrests — a situation that continues to frustrate Jeff Buziak.

"Sometimes I believe they know what's going on and that they're close and you know, 'we're ready for arrests,' and then other times I'm just totally bewildered as to what they're doing, what they know," he said.

Police have said the young Realtor had no known connections to the drug trade or the criminal underworld, and have never publicly confirmed any motive for the killing.

Jeff Buziak says waiting for progress in his daughter's case has been a form of slow, painful torture. (Jeff Buziak)


  • A previous version of this story mistakenly stated police said Buziak was stabbed 54 times. In fact, police have never released details of the stabbing.
    Feb 03, 2014 5:28 PM PT

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