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'Like sculptured artwork': B.C. man photographs frozen Lake Windermere

Larry and Karan Halverson have been skating on Lake Windermere for 45 years and say they have never seen the ice on the frozen lake quite so clear and beautiful.

He's been skating there for 45 years and says he's never seen the ice like this

Frozen ice bubbles on Lake Windermere, B.C. (Larry Halverson)

Larry Halverson and his wife Karan have been skating on Lake Windermere in the Columbia Valley for 45 years. 

The lake is nestled between the Rocky and Purcell mountains. Though it often freezes over, Halverson said he's never seen it as dazzling as it is right now. 

"The ice is just as smooth as glass and as clear as glass."

While skating on the lake mid-December, Halverson snapped a few photos of the ice and his wife gliding across it. 

Karan and Larry Halverson have been skating on untouched ice on Lake WIndermere this winter. (Larry Halverson)

"When you're skating along, you could actually see some fish scooting out below your blades," he said.

Halverson said the ice is so transparent, he can tell how far down it goes, which he estimates to be about four inches. 

"It felt like you weren't even on ice until you came across a crack," he said. 

Larry Halverson took photos of his wife skating on some unusually clear ice on a frozen Lake Windermere, B.C. (Larry Halverson)

The couple noticed no other skate marks in the ice, meaning no one else had been on the lake recently. 

"The feeling was like making tracks in very fresh powder, because there's no other skate marks on it.

It was crystal clear and untouched by skates all the way across the lake. 

A frozen Lake Windermere looking so clear you can hardly tell it's ice. (Larry Halverson)

Aside from a clean, flat sheet of ice, Halverson also noticed what he called a "beautiful" phenomenon: frozen gas bubbles under the water. 

"They were just like sculptured artwork."

Larry Halverson, who has been skating on Lake Windermere for 45 years, said he's never seen the ice quite like this. (Larry Halverson)

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