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Life coach: 3 ways to keep the summer going all year long

Life coach Rebecca Haas shares three tips to keep the summer state of mind all year long.

There just might be a cure to the end-of-summer blues

The end of the summer is near, but according to life coach Rebecca Haas, there's a few ways to keep the summer state-of-mind all year long. (River & Sky/Facebook)

With September just around the corner, there's no escaping the sad realization summer is coming to an end.

But just because the season is ending doesn't mean you have to let go of that "summer state of mind," according to life coach Rebecca Haas.

"I've had such a good summer, and I can't bear to see it go," said Haas on CBC's North by Northwest. "So I've developed three techniques to keep the summer going all year long."

1. Channel your inner 5 year old

Haas says there's a five year old inside all of us that is bursting to come out and play. And summer season offers the perfect outlet for that little rascal to splash around at the beach.

But why not let that little version of yourself come out more often?

Haas says it's important to tap into your inner five year old not just in the summer but year round. She says thinking back to what life was like as a kid can inform activities that can make you happy year round.

"[Those] memories can evoke for us the way we used to play. And I think there is an adult manifestation of that," said Haas.

Try channelling your inner five year old all year round — not just in the summer. (The Associated Press)

If you get the insatiable urge to swim, why not a trip to the local indoor pool? Or if you have a hankering for some games, there's always the options for organized sports in the fall and winter.

After all, the summer is all about activities, so let little you keep the activities rolling.

2. Hang onto the summer sensations

Peaches. Cherries. An ice cold wheat ale.

Haas says a big part of summer are sensations — different tastes and smells that go hand-in-hand with warmth and sunshine.

Try freezing some peaches and feasting on them come winter time. (David Horemans/CBC)

"I've had some peaches this summer that are heavenly," said Haas. "And I think, 'why not  buy a whole bunch of peaches and freeze them?"

Haas says by stashing away some of your favourite sensations and bringing them back at a later date (I'm looking at you, November) you can relive the pleasantries that we tend to only enjoy just a few months out of the year.

Suggestions: Okanagan cherries, your favourite bottle of wine, or a seasonal craft brew.

Rebecca Hass is North by Northwest's newest columnist. (Rebecca Hass)

3. Make a mix-tape

For every good summer, there's a good soundtrack to go with it.

It's a season of outdoor music festivals and big album releases — and even a great time to revisit some of the classics (Lynyrd Skynyrd, anyone?).

"I love mix tapes and there's so many online music services, I encourage people to make a playlist for themselves and call it summer, and why not put all the songs in there that you've been listening to this summer - songs that lift your heart, and put the bounce in your step," said Haas.

Every summer has a soundtrack, so putting together a playlist can help remind you of those warm days and nights. (Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters)

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