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Liam Britten is a journalist for CBC Vancouver. You can contact him at or follow him on Twitter: @liam_britten.

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Child care in Sea-to-Sky region going from 'bad to worse to crisis to chaos'

Families in places like Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton are facing increasingly dire child-care circumstances as their communities grow rapidly. It's left some families facing tough choices.

Strata fight forces Langley couple out of unsafe townhouse for 2 years

Barb Mykle-Hotzon and her husband haven’t been able to live in their Langley townhome for two years because of a compromised foundation. She has been trying to get her strata to do something about it but so far has come up empty.

Restaurant staff claim they're owed $13K — but face long fight for fairness, advocate says

Former workers at a Kerrisdale restaurant say they are owed $13,000 in wages and tips from their bosses. Two have filed complaints with the Employment Standards Branch but an advocate says cases like these expose weak protections afforded many workers.

No escorted absences for delusional man who killed 2, board rules

The lawyer for Jaons Foulds, found not criminally responsible for killing two people in 2017, wanted the option of having escorted absences from the forensic hospital in Coquitlam. He was denied and families of his victims are thankful.

Call for crackdown on drivers who illegally park in disability stalls

“I mean, is part of parking closest to the entrance that critical for the guy that has to run in and grab a case of beer or go buy a pack of smokes?” asks Vince Miele, a Richmond-based advocate for people with disabilities.

'Pieces of glass were flying everywhere': Why glass dishes can explode unexpectedly

A Victoria woman says her new glass mixing bowl exploded for no reason. We asked an expert why this might happen and asked a lawyer if the woman is entitled to a refund.
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Can safety bars protect ATV riders from deadly rollovers?

Safety experts in Canada and abroad say some quad deaths could be prevented with design improvements like roll bars. That idea has met stiff resistance from manufacturers and many riders.

Veteran with PTSD says B.C. rules are a barrier for the service dog he depends on

William Webb, who was suffering flashbacks, night terrors and anxiety episodes after witnessing a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, says a service dog has given him a new lease on life — but differences in rules between provinces mean his companion is not automatically recognized in B.C.

For environmentalists and Lower Mainland First Nations, 76 reasons to oppose Trans Mountain

Increased shipping caused by the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion may harm the endangered southern resident killer whales of the Salish Sea, and that's led to strong opposition. But how much of a threat is that extra shipping? And is it the biggest threat to the endangered whales?

Water, water everywhere, but mostly down the drain: How Vancouver is trying to plug excessive water use

Residential water use in Metro Vancouver, per capita, is 270 litres per day. Officials are looking at ways to cut down on the region’s insatiable thirst.

'Anger, sadness, disbelief' for families after B.C. man found not criminally responsible in double homicide

Jason Foulds was found not criminally responsible because of mental disorder (NCRMD) for the 2017 killings of Braxton Leask and Dylan Buckle in Lund, a village north of Powell River.

Former owner of Port Moody pub owes $12K to ex-employees, province finds

The former owner of a shuttered Port Moody bar owes ex-employees almost $12,000 in back pay, a branch of the provincial government has found.
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Ambulance crew took 35 minutes to get into apartment of dying woman

Chelsea Brent blames changes to B.C.'s emergency dispatch policy for it taking the ambulance crew 35 minutes to get into her dying mother's apartment last November. The province's health minister has ordered a review of the case.

Trash and burn: Metro Vancouver will incinerate Canadian garbage returned by Philippines

Sixty-nine containers of garbage, shipped to the Philippines but mislabelled and rejected by that country’s facilities, will return to Canada, and Metro Vancouver’s waste-to-energy incinerator in Burnaby will be its final resting place.

Watch as orcas surround a Howe Sound sailboat and delight all on board

Bradford McArthur was on a sailboat last week when a pod of killer whales swam around and underneath the vessel, including one with a freshly caught seal in its mouth.