British Columbia

Couple unharmed in emergency helicopter landing in Langley field

A couple escaped unscathed in an emergency landing in their 'homemade and experimental' helicopter, rescued by RCMP from a field.

'Amazingly, neither suffered any injuries,' say RCMP who described the aircraft as 'experimental'

A small 'experimental' helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in a farmer's field Sept. 24. The couple inside escaped uninjured. (Shane MacKichan)

A Langley, B.C., couple escaped an emergency landing in their 'homemade and experimental' helicopter unscathed to the amazement of RCMP who rescued them from a field.

The 55-year-old pilot and passenger — his wife — emerged from the small, white aircraft shaken but not injured, police said.

"Amazingly, neither suffered any injuries and were cleared by Emergency Health Services," said Langley RCMP Sgt. Alexandra Mulvihill in a news release.

A Langley B.C. couple walked away still smiling after forced to land their 'experimental' helicopter in a farmer's field. (Shane MacKichan)

"The helicopter ended up on its side in a farmer's field."

A small amount of fuel leaked from the toppled aircraft.

The pilot and owner is following up with the Transportation Safety Board next week.

RCMP and emergency health workers wrap up at the scene of a helicopter crash in Langley B.C. on Sept. 24. (Shane MacKichan)