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Langford, B.C., mayor: no community wants to be like Surrey

The Mayor of Langford, B.C., wants to hire five to 10 more police officers to combat an increase in crime in his city.

There have been three violent attacks in Langford in the past two months, prompting safety concerns.

The mayor of Langford, B.C. is concerned about several recent attacks in the city. (File Photo/CBC)

The Mayor of Langford, B.C., wants to hire five to 10 more police officers to combat an increase in crime in his city.

"We are going to put as many police resources as we can so we don't become a Surrey," said Mayor Stewart Young.

"I don't want Langford to ever be like Surrey, no community does in the province." 

The latest incident involved a 19-year-old Langford woman who was walking down a dark street, when a man allegedly approached her and cut her with a knife while trying to steal her purse. 

"Waiting in trails to go after a woman, that to me is just not right in any society, that is why we are concerned about these type of events and I will be throwing as many resources as I can," said Young. 

Combating Crime in Surrey

Police have said there is a gang turf war in the streets of Surrey which has bled into Delta, after more than two dozen shootings and one homicide in just seven weeks. 

The City of Surrey has said it has a plan to have 100 new RCMP officers by the end of year. Premier Christy Clark committed $270,000 for WRAP, the city's anti-gang strategy.

Delta Police have put up tower cams in response to the recent gun violence. Officers said the 24-hour cameras are temporary projects to deter criminals. 


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