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Tourist In Your Town: 3 highlights when visiting Ladner

Downtown, Westham Island and Brunswick Point are great destinations in the Delta community.

Downtown, Westham Island and Brunswick Point are great destinations in the Delta community

Emma Lea Farms on Westham Island is worth checking out when you visit Ladner. (Lisa Christiansen/CBC)

Tourist in Your Town is On The Coast's summer series. Producer Lisa Christiansen visits communities in the Lower Mainland to explore hidden gems you'll want to check out for a summer visit.

Jane McCall has lived in Ladner for 22 years, and in that time, she says not a lot has changed.

The community, which is part of Delta, grows denser by the year, but in most other ways, things have stayed pretty much the same.

"Downtown, here, this beautiful old heritage street, has really changed hardly at all," she said.

"The same stores have been here forever, all these great little family-owned businesses have been in business a long, long, long time."

McCall showed off three of her favourite spots in Ladner, starting with the former fishing village's downtown.

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Downtown Ladner

"They do actually shoot a lot of movies here," McCall said. "It looks a bit like your average American small town."

McCall says there are some great businesses worth checking out. Stir Coffee House is a former grocery store from the early 20th Century whose owner's son bought it and converted it to what it is today. If you're considering a visit, the banana bread is incredible.

There's also the Delta Thrift Store, which is considered by some to be one of the best thrift stores in the region. It's run by the Delta Hospital Auxiliary.

Finally, there's West Coast Seeds, which sells organic seeds intended for West Coast conditions. They also own a farm to test the seeds and a packing plant to package their products.

West Coast Seeds sells organic seeds, which they test on their own farm. (Lisa Christiansen/CBC)

Westham Island

"You can be forgiven for thinking you're in Holland because it's dead flat," McCall said. "It's all farms out here. It's been farmed for well over a century."

One of those farms is Emma Lea Farms, owned by one of the earliest settler families. In addition to growing potatoes, peas and beans, you can pick your own strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Another highlight of the island is Reifel Bird Sanctuary. More than 300 bird species have been spotted there, the sanctuary says, with fall and spring being the best times to see them.

Another plus: because the island is so flat, it's very bikeable.

And there's ice cream.

Brunswick Point

On Ladner's western shore is the Brunswick Dike, located at the end of River Road.

"It curves all around the side of the strait all the way to Deltaport," McCall said.

"There's some old pilings at the end of it which were part of the old Brunswick Cannery … it's just a fantastic place to come for a walk or a cycle."

While it's best enjoyed in the summer, McCall said beautiful views can be enjoyed all year long.

The dike system at Brunswick Point is located on Ladner western shores. (Lisa Christiansen/CBC)

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