'We're back to being human again': Kamloops B.C., man brought back to life yet again

Bryan Kupiak of Kamloops, B.C. has been brought back to life by the Canada Revenue Agency for the second time in less than six months, after multiple errors on Revenue Canada's part.

CRA has implemented changes to ensure mistakes around death don't happen again

Bryan Kupiak, 65, said he was officially declared dead in a paperwork mixup following his mother's funeral. (Bryan Kupiak)

For the second time in less than six months, Bryan Kupiak has been brought back to life.

Kupiak, of Kamlooops, B.C., found out earlier this month that the Canada Revenue Agency had identified his wife as a widow, which she is not.

This came about because in October 2017 Kupiak's social insurance number was mixed up with his deceased mother's, and he was declared dead. 

At that time, it took many phone calls and visits from government officials to prove he was alive and well. 

Kupiak thought the problem was solved, but after learning last week that his wife was again listed as a widow, he contacted Revenue Canada and local MP Cathy McLeod's office.

As of Jan. 10, the Canada Revenue Agency had remedied the error.

"We're back to being human again," Kupiak said.

He was told by McLeod's office that he personally was not listed as dead, but because he previously had been listed as dead months ago and was linked to his wife, her status had changed and had not been reversed when his issues were resolved. 

The GST benefit his wife received will have to be paid back, but Kupiak said he's just happy to be alive again.

"The CRA regrets any inconvenience this individual may have experienced," said a Canada Revenue Agency representative in an email to CBC.  

The Canada Revenue said its implemented changes to minimize errors like this from happening in the future, including revising paperwork to clarify wording.

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