British Columbia

Kootenay city considers birth control for pigeons

The Kootenay city looks for another way to control Pigeons after two previous attempts fail to get off the ground
A rooftop pigeon feeder delivers medicated food to slowly sterilize birds. (Innolytics)

The southeastern B.C. city of Trail is looking into an American birth control product to help cut down on its pigeon population, officials say.

Hundreds of pigeons gather in the West Kootenay city, causing a menace to residents.

"It always sounds like such a silly thing, but council is concerned about pigeon faeces and all the complaints we get," said Trail city councillor Robert Caccioni.

The city has looked at shipping the birds out to Vancouver or euthanizing them, but neither plan has worked out.

Now, city staff has been directed to look into an American product that works like a birth control pill. It is fed to pigeons and eventually causes sterility.

"They get to have all the fun but no babies," Caccioni said.

Caccioni is not sure that the product is allowed in Canada, but council expects to hear back from staff in a few weeks.