Knife-attack video released by B.C. court

A convenience store surveillance camera video showing a vicious knife assault on a Victoira police officer has been released by the court following the conviction of the attacker.

Police officer seriously injured in stabbing but manages, with help, to subdue attacker

Surveillance camera video of a stabbing that almost killed a Victoria police officer has been released by the court now that the attacker has been convicted of attempted murder.

Const. Lane Douglas Hunt was ambushed outside a downtown Victoria convenience store the morning of Jan. 17, 2011, after she had attended to investigate a complaint of shoplifting.

The store’s surveillance video shows attacker Guy Herve Seguin following Hunt into the store, even pacing the aisles looking for her, at one point reaching with his left arm for his right sleeve, which turned out to be an ominous gesture.

Seguin, 57, then left the store and waited outside for nine minutes until the 24-year-old officer left.

"As she's coming out, you can see she has a smile on her face, she’s so respectful to people — she had no idea what she was walking into," said her mother, Mary Douglas Hunt, as she reviewed the video that was a key piece of evidence in Seguin’s trial.

"The part that gave me chills was when she was walking towards the door and he came up from the right with his intentions," Douglas Hunt said.

As the constable held the door open for Seguin, thinking he wanted to enter, he can be seen attacking her.

"He cut her twice by the ear," her mother said. "He missed her carotid artery by a sixteenth of an inch ... she had him to ground and then they were in the fight, the fight for her life."

Despite her injuries, Douglas Hunt eventually got Seguin pinned down.

Two Good Samaritans, Rob Caunter and Blair Bater, then rushed in to help the officer handcuff the attacker.

Seguin was convicted of attempted murder in March and will be sentenced later this month.


With files from Kristen Robinson