British Columbia

Killer bear hunted in Surrey after goat and llama attack

Conservation officers are hunting for an injured black bear in Surrey, B.C., after it attacked a llama and killed a goat on separate properties.

'A bear that is not afraid of people can be pretty scary,' farmer says after saving his llama

Jim Clark says the bear attacked his llama, and only released it when he shot it with a rifle. (CBC)

Conservation officers are hunting for an injured black bear in Surrey, B.C., after it attacked a llama and killed a goat on separate properties.

"I was trying keep the bear away from the llama and the bear didn't want to take no for an answer," said Jim Clark, who raises llamas on his acreage.

Clark said he shot the bear in the shoulder with a rifle after it got up on its hind legs, which resulted in it dropping the llama.

Conservation officers have set a bear trap in Surrey, B.C., near the location where the goat was killed. (CBC)

"He tried to scare me off by giving me the full body shot, which was fairly intimidating because he is a big bear," Clark said.

Officials believe the bear is hiding in the area of 176th and 92nd avenues, where it was first spotted on Friday.

"He's not afraid of people and a bear that is not afraid of people can be pretty scary," Clark said.

After running away from the property, the bear returned on Saturday, this time killing a goat less than a kilometre away.

"My mom... was bringing her groceries in, and the bear met her at the back door," said resident Gary Hoffman.

"The owners have had this property for 40 years and bears have only been here one other time," Hoffman said.

Bear to be destroyed if caught

Conservation officer Jack Trudgian says the bear will have to be put down once it's caught because it has attacked livestock.

"This bear has got away from its natural food source, it's killed livestock, it's getting into other types of unnatural food,"  said Trudgian.

"It's also wounded, so if we catch this bear, due to public safety, it will be destroyed," he added.

Officers have placed traps to lure the bear.

Trudgian recommends residents not shoot at wildlife, adding they should phone the conservation service instead.

Last week, several bears were spotted rummaging through garbage cans in the Cariboo Heights area near the Burnaby-New Westminster border.

Meanwhile, a Maple Ridge resident videotaped a bear standing on its hind legs and opening the door of a pickup truck.

Conservation officers say residents should take extra caution not to leave food out or garbage bins accessible.