British Columbia

Kelowna residents continue flood preparations as water levels creep upwards

Warm weekend temperatures in Kelowna could speed up snowmelt, increasing the risk of flooding.

Hot weather forecasted for the weekend could speed snowmelt, adding to Kelowna's flood problems

Sandbags along a river bank in Kelowna. (Maryse Zeidler/CBC)

It's another day of sandbagging and pumping along the shores of Okanagan Lake as water levels continue to rise.

The Central Okanagan Regional District says water flowing into the lake is greater than can be released through a spillway at the south end — even though the spillway is fully open.

Hot weather this weekend could speed snowmelt, adding to the problems.

In the meantime, the district says dewatering pumps are working round-the-clock to keep civic properties dry in downtown Kelowna.

Properties could face serious flooding if the lake backs up into two streams flowing through the downtown core.

The district is also dropping off pallets of sandbags along roads and streets in low lying areas of Kelowna where no flood prevention measures are planned.

Officials hope area residents will use the bags to protect their properties.