6 tips to help keep your kids safe this Halloween

B.C. Children’s Hospital shares tips to keep trick-or-treaters safe as they go in search of their favourite candy.

B.C. Children’s Hospital shares its list of safe Halloween habits

Consider skipping the Halloween mask and using face paint so that kids can see clearly, says B.C. Children's Hospital. (Shantina Murphy)

Halloween is nearly here and neighbourhoods will soon be full of trick-or-treaters running around, dressed in their spookiest costumes.

But despite the festive nocturnal atmosphere, B.C. Childrens Hospital says parents need to remain vigilant and to help them out are providing the following list: 

1) Watch for hazards

While many kids love wearing masks and costumes with intricate accessories, these items can actually become barriers to spotting cars and other hazards.

Consider skipping the mask and using face paint so that kids can see clearly. If your little princess is wearing a long gown, ensure it is short enough to avoid falls and that your superhero's cape doesn't drape on the ground.

2) Stick together

Make sure your little ones are accompanied by an adult at all times and consider group-themed costumes to encourage kids to stick together, such as The Avengers.

If you're walking at night, hold young ones' hands and keep them safe from obstacles like uneven surfaces or stairs.  

Tricksters should also stick together, says the hospital. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

3) Stay bright

The brighter and more colourful the costume, the better. Consider attaching reflective tape, buttons and lights to kids' coats and goody bags. By doing this, you make it easier for drivers to see kids crossing the street.

Always carry a charged flashlight with extra batteries while trick-or-treating. Decorating your property? Keep it well-lit and use non-flammable light sources.

4 ) Follow the yellow-brick road

Draw a trick-or-treat map with your kids and ensure everyone sticks to the route. Let someone at home know the route you plan to take.

Discuss a plan with older children, so you know where they are at all times. Make sure they have a charged mobile and have them phone home if there are any changes to agreed-upon plans.

5) Check candy

Check all treats before little hands start unwrapping candy. Be wary of unsealed or broken wrappers and unwrapped candies and review all home-packaged candy. When in doubt, throw them out.

Check all treats before little hands start unwrapping candy.

6) Drivers, slow down

More children will be on the streets and sidewalks on Halloween night, and many of them might be distracted by the night's festivities. Slow down, drive safely and do not drink and drive.