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B.C. man charged for racial tirade in Abbotsford turns himself in

The man charged in October with making a series of race-related remarks in an Abbotsford parking lot has turned himself in.

Karry Vernon Corbett is charged with assault, uttering threats and causing a disturbance

Karry Vernon Corbett, 47, of Hope, B.C. Corbett faces charges including uttering threats, assault and causing a disturbance. (Ravi Duhra/YouTube)

The man charged in October with making a series of race-related remarks in an Abbotsford parking lot has turned himself in. 

Hope resident Karry Vernon Corbett went to the Abbotsford Courthouse Friday afternoon and was taken into custody without incident, according to a statement from the Abbotsford Police Department.

Corbett, 47, is facing four charges, including assault, uttering threats and causing a disturbance. 

His girlfriend told CBC earlier in the week that he was planning on turning himself in.

"He's a bit hot-tempered at times but he's doesn't have any racist issues with anybody," claimed Laila Paiman. 

"He's sorry it happened."

Racial slurs did not result in hate crime charge

The video, filmed on Oct. 21 in downtown Abbotsford, was recorded by Ravi Duhra, a lawyer who saw Corbett yelling at a 72-year-old parking enforcement officer.

Corbett soon turned his attention to Duhra, unleashing a torrent of race-based insults.

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Abbotsford police are investigating to see if charges are warranted

Despite that, Abbotsford police say they will not be recommending hate-crime charges.

"To get a charge, we would have to prove that he is either producing hate-based materials … or that he is trying to incite others to join his hatred," said Const. Ian MacDonald earlier in the week.

"We couldn't get evidence that he was trying to get others to join in his hatred, and that's where we hit a stumbling block."

Corbett has a criminal record dating back to 1999, including past convictions for assault, theft and causing a disturbance.

He is also facing charges of assault with a weapon and uttering threats from two incidents in 2015. 

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