Karin Larsen


Karin Larsen is a former Olympian and award winning sports broadcaster covering BC teams and athletes for 25 years.

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Coroner rules Ben Kilmer's death a suicide

The electrician from Cobble Hill, B.C., was the subject of an extensive search after he went missing under mysterious circumstances last year.

Do you have electric vehicle range anxiety? This report can help

BC Hydro survey says misconceptions around how far a new EV can travel on a single charge are stopping a lot of people from make the switch from gas to electric.

Hot in Vancouver: Sizzling Wednesday, a little cooler Thursday

The expected high of 25 C is way over the average temperature for June 12 but still not a record.

'It's a crazy big deal!' Sarah McLachlan to sing O Canada at Raptors-Warriors game

Sarah McLachlan will perform the Canadian anthem at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., where the Toronto Raptors could make history by clinching the NBA title with a win over the Golden State Warriors.

Boxes of skunks left outside New Westminster animal services office

Officials are asking people to stop dumping the animals with the city because it isn't equipped to deal with urban wildlife.

Whose lot is it anyway? City and businesses dispute ownership of Vancouver parking lot

The city is on the title and plans to build new social housing on the East Vancouver site, but businesses in the neighbourhood believe they have a historical claim to ownership of the lot.

Nova Scotia student says he was racially profiled at UBC-held congress

Shelby McPhee says he was asked to show his congress registration and falsely accused of stealing a laptop.

PoCo renters score win in renoviction case

Described as a victory for the little guy, 100 renters avoid eviction thanks to decision by Residential Tenancy Branch arbitrator.

B.C. police have become de facto mental health workers, expert panel says

A new report looking into 127 deaths that occurred within 24 hours of police contact recommends changes to mental health co-ordination and police training.

Maxing out on electric vehicle rebates: How one man is trying to save big on a little car

Keishin Tamaki figures if he maxes out all the rebates, he could wind up paying just $4,000 for his new EV — but there are several catches with his plan.

Vancouver man fined $18K for attempting to smuggle turtles into Canada in duffle bag

Li Wan had 19 undeclared live turtles — some of which were endangered species — in a duffle bag when he was caught trying to cross into Canada.

Newborn baby orca spotted swimming with J pod

Marine biologist cautions that the mortality rate of babies born into the southern resident killer whale population is around 50 per cent in the first year.

New poll shows flagging fortunes for B.C. Liberals, sustained support for NDP and Greens

Housing, poverty and homelessness were identified by B.C. voters as overwhelmingly the most important issue facing the province.

Former Whitecaps player 'hopeful' after meeting about alleged harassment

Whitecaps announce they have hired a firm to investigate allegations of abuse and harassment made against a former women's team coach.

B.C. to appeal decision over control of Trans Mountain pipeline oil to Canada's top court

"We believe we have the right and authority constitutionally to regulate harmful substances through B.C.," said Attorney General David Eby.