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Karaoke singers get rock star treatment at Rockaoke Live in Vancouver

Every Tuesday night at Rockaoke Live in downtown Vancouver, brave karaoke singers can pick from a list of over 400 songs and join local band The Naturals on stage.

Weekly event gives singers the chance to perform karaoke with a live band

Rockaoke Live particpants can choose from a list of over 400 songs. (Rockaoke Live)

Every Tuesday night at Rockaoke Live, brave karaoke singers can pick from a list of over 400 songs and join Vancouver band The Naturals on stage. 

On the Coast's Lisa Christiansen visited the band's rehearsal space to learn how it works. 

The three-piece band says it takes some extra courage to perform with a live band — but they're a little more forgiving than a pre-recorded background track. 

Host and vocalist Joel Flynn performs at one of The Naturals' weekly live karaoke shows. (Rockaoke Live)

"There's a bit more freedom in terms of the song and how it breathes on stage. You still have to have your chops down if you want to pull it off, but the guys are flexible enough to be able to adapt to you missing a line," said host Joel Flynn.

Flynn said they try to notice when singers are nervous and help them out with extra energy. After one performance, however, people are usually desperate to get back on stage. 

"We have regulars who are basically climbing over [our host's] shoulders, trying to get on the sign-up list and causing him no end of grief while he's trying to put together a set list that has a bit of a flow to it," said bassist Justin Brown.

The Naturals set a theme for each month to keep their shows cohesive. Recently, they've hosted Zeptember, AC December, and Pearl Jam-uary, and they're gearing up for the Royal Month of May later this spring. 

"We'll do songs that range from Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon, Prince, and we'll even do the song Royals from Lorde," says Flynn. 

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