British Columbia

Kamloops student struggles to get into med school

Annie Langford wants to be a doctor. She wants to work in Kamloops, a community where the need for family doctors is huge. She has great grades and life experience, but she didn't get into medical school in B.C.

Kamloops is desperate for doctors so why is it so difficult for students to get into medical school?

Annie Langford is a Kamloops resident and TRU science grad. She has given up her waitressing gig and is looking for a job in biology while she waits to re-apply for med school in September of 2017. (Shelley Joyce/CBC)

Kamloops is like many other small communities , it is desperate for family doctors.

It's estimated that twenty five thousand people in our city of 80-thousand are left to line up at a walk in clinic when they need to see a doctor.

This was a typical morning before the doors opened at the walk-in clinic on Tranquile Road.

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