Kamloops man abducted, beaten

Police arrested two men and are seeking two others after a Kamloops man was abducted, beaten and dumped in a rural area northeast of Kamloops.

Police arrested two men and are seeking two others after a Kamloops man was abducted, beaten and dumped in a rural area northeast of Kamloops Friday night.

Police said the victim and the four alleged attackers are involved in the drug trade, and that the attack was targeted.

The victim told police he had been held against his will at a home on Sherwood Drive in the North Shore area of Kamloops on Friday afternoon.

Four men then took him to a rural location about 15 kilometres away. They beat him with what police believe was a bat, and then abandoned him. He suffered injuries mostly to his ribs and hands.

The victim made his way to a home near the intersection of Mount Lolo Road and Paul Lake Road, where he called 911 at around 7:45 p.m. PT.

2 homes searched

Based on information the victim gave, police entered the home where he had been held on the North Shore without a warrant.

"[The] fear was a second male was being held there," Sgt. Doug Aird said in a news release.

"The reported second male said to be held at the residence was found and was not being held against his will," Aird said.

A number of people found in the house were taken into custody.

Police had identified the four alleged attackers and arrested two Friday night.

Early Saturday morning, police also conducted a search of a home on Bentley Place on the North Shore.

Two suspects in the beating remain at large.